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Enjoy free shipping for all orders with value of $100 or over!
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We hear you

If you have any vape product in particular that you find not available in our shop yet, please let us know and we will try to stock them for you!
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About us

Vaporation is a small family owned business locally based in Newcastle NSW 2304. We aim at selling only the best vape mods, parts/accessories and e-juices products in a competitive price as possible as we can. At Vaporation, we highly value our customers and customer service satisfaction is our edge in staying and maintaining the good reputation in the business. If you have any comments or suggestions of any products you would like us to offer here on our page, please feel free to contact us at

Contact Us

For all enquiries
Collection/ Pick Up Location
Mayfield West, NSW 2304
Open hours
Daily 10:30 AM — 5:00 PM

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